Monday, May 25, 2009

Godman in prison, Asianet in the dock!

Mr. Santhosh Madhavan, the god man with godly name Swamy Amritha Chaithanya is now languishing in prison for raping two minor girls. There are other cases against him related to cheating and embezzlement. The media which tried to create a halo around the head of Mr. Santhosh Madhavan are still in the dock. The Media foolishly think that memory of the viewers is very short.
In the evening of the very same day on which the police raided the Aashram of Mr. Santhosh Madhavan, Asianet, the most popular television channel in Malayalam telecast an interview with Mr. Sathosh Madhavan. The channel gave him 6 minutes in the prime news cast to explain to its viewers that the police raided his Aashram because of mistaken identity. The presenter of the news explained to the viewers that the police mistook Swamy Amritha Chaithanya for a Santhosh Madhavan who was involved international arms smuggling and who was in the Interpol look out. Following the Swamy's interview there came footage of weeping parents of Mr. Santhosh Madhavan, who lamented the atrocious behaviour of the police. Other visual media craving for "news" jumped to bandwagon. The interview with the criminal and the footage on his weeping parents were telecast with the malicious intention of saving the criminal who had connections with media men, politicians, police officers and other big guns in the society.
A socially responsible television channel should have verified the veracity of what Mr. Santhosh Madhavan said before airing it to the viewers.
On viewing the interview with Mr. Santhosh Madhavan Ms. Seraphim Edwin who was cheated by him telephoned to all visual media and told that the Interpol put the god man in the look out on her own complaint and he was really a criminal. The Kairali/People channel telecast her version at the very same night after Asianet had telecast the interview. Ignoring the publicity given by the media the police acted diligently and the god man went to jail.
Till this time Asianet and other channels that followed it did not express any remorse in telecasting the interview with the criminal nor did they mention it while telecasting the news on god man's conviction and sentence in the rape case!

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Ravindran Nair said...

The Asianet TV channel was started by men of principle like Mr.Sasikumar. At that time it observed some moral principles applicabe to mass media. Nowdays this channel does not have any scruples. They will telecast any lie. Some of its reporters some times report as if they had attended the meetings of the CPI(M) polit bureau and the State Secretariat. They tried to white wash the criminal Mr. Santhosh Madhavan because some in that channel had had connections with Mr. Santhosh Madhavan.