Thursday, May 7, 2009


The Greek Philosopher Plato propounded the theory of immortality of soul. But his disciple Aristotle denied it and said that only the intellect is immortal.The intellects of both Plato and Aristotle are still alive through their writings. That is why I got a glimpse into their intellects.
Generally, Islam believes in immortality of soul and hates the theory of immortality of the intellect because of its obscurantism. Ibnu Rasheed (Averros) accepted the theory of immortality of the intellect only. That is why Islam branded the great thinker of Islam as unbeliever. In the case of a lawyer who committed suicide believers denied the immortality of his soul.
Let me tell the story. Mr. Ashraf Padiyath, 62 years, a lawyer and a film maker who belonged to Kodungalloor, committed suicide by hanging himself in the very hall of the lawyers' association. He left a suicide note to the chairperson of the Municipal Council requesting the council to hand over the body to a medical college so that the students can dissect it and study anatomy. From the newspaper reports I learned that his relatives who are believers in Islam denied his will and decided to bury the body by observing the Islamic religious rites. I am given to understand by my cousin Mr. K.K. Abdul Salam Kuzhikad that he was addicted to alcoholism lately because he failed in his career of law and film making. He was lonely for some time staying in a hotel room. Had somebody helped him to get rid of alcohol addiction he would have lived creatively for some time because he was having a creative mind. In my opinion his family, professional colleagues and the society at large are jointly and severally, if I am allowed to use the legal parlance, responsible for his tragic end. I am leaving it at that point.
While he was alive nobody wanted him and nobody helped him. But when he ended his life everybody claimed his body. They wanted it to be buried observing the Islamic religious rites ignoring the fact he willed to donate his body to a medical college in pursuit of science. I am also given to understand that some lawyers also supported his relatives in denying his will, on the ground that suicide note has no legal validity. Let the law go its own way. But how can believers deny the immortality of his soul? According to Islamic faith the soul of Mr.Ashraf Padiyath still lives. So his will also continues to operate in faith, if not in law. Then why did the believers denied his wish, to donate his body to a medical college, in pursuit of knowledge? There is no reply other than the obscurantism of religion.


hussain kh said...

Padiyan's Note to donate his body to medical college is a testimony that he has denied Islam and Allah even at the end of his life. He was a non-believer. He has made many jokes against Islam and God through out his life. He has made jokes against non-believers also.

The Note is a fitting tribute to his life by himself.

Very few of his friends were present at his funeral.

To blame his family and friends for his death is dubious. Even Padiyan himself would not have made such a statement.

Padiyan was unbearable to himself. That is why he made such an exit.

Medical college hesitated to take his body, since they normally want an ‘undamaged’ body without postmortem. To arrange the funeral in the masjid was easier to the relatives, I think, than to find out a public crematorium in a haste.

If relatives believed that they were making Padiyan a true Muslim by cremating in the masjid, it might be the biggest Padiyan joke.

Masjid makes life harder, but comforts at death by providing six feet earth.

-Hussain KH

Dr. N.M.Mohammed Ali said...

Hussain says padiyan is a murthadd (aspostate) and deserves punishment!

Salil Ibrahim said...

Padiyath Ashraf suicided and thus ended his life.He wanted his body to be provided to the medical college instead of burial by Islamic standards which could've been the normal course.But the relatives either was unaware of this or ignored the will totally and buried as per islamic standards.And the Mahalla Jamath or islamic bodies didn't objcet it.
1.This acceptance in itself says he has never proclaimed to be a murthadd.
2.If a lawyer couldn't ensure the legalities of his own will, who else can help it?

-----Pls check the spelling of,
Quran: A Psychological Critique.