Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Kerala police was set up to investigate the clandestine activities of terrorists in Kerala State. The SIT grilled Mr. Abdal Nasar Ma'dani and his wife Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani for two long days some weeks ago. The interrogation was initiated to find out whether there was any truth in the scandal raised against Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani by Asianet News, the Television channel owned by the media giant Mr. Rupert Murdoch. The scandal started just after Mr. Ma'dany and his Peoples' Democratic Party decided to support the Left Democratic Front in Kerala in the Parliament election.
Even after the lapse of some weeks following the interrogation, no action is taken against the couple by the SIT. The media men who indulge in the so-called investigative journalism are still lurking in the dark or keeping silence. Any person with COMMONSENSE will infer that there is no case against Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani, nor against Mr. Ma'dani. Had there been any case SIT would have taken them into custody.
Another inference of commonsense is that the 'exclusive' telecast by the Asianet News showing 'evidences' of terrorist connections of Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani was blatant lie. The channel relentlessly repeated this lie not only tarnishing the fair name of a pious Muslim woman but also with the malicious intention of demonizing her.
This is not an example of yellow journalism but of media terrorism. And what was the aim of propagating such lies against a Muslim lady? Was it to help the pro-American United Democratic Front in the Parliament election? Yes; that was only an apparent objective.
There was a hidden agenda. It was to help the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, the Hidutwa Fascist organization. If it is established by the news channel that even the Muslim women in Kerala are having connections with the terrorist organizations the RSS gets some mileage in their anti-Muslim propaganda.
Some media men (not true journalists) in Asianet News and some in the higher echelons of the channel have strong links with the RSS.


Anonymous said...

The democracy of the blog culture is to be maintained.The different opinions along with own views should be accessable to your readers.Some of my friends complain that you are lacking that democracy

Dr. N.M.Mohammed Ali said...

Why one comments anonymously? Is it democracy? I have rejected publishing only one anonymous threat just because it misuses space of the blog.

Lalsalam said...

I agree with you. The Asianet News channel is pro-RSS.

Ravindran Nair said...

Asianet is not only a yellow channel but also it is rogue too. Yesterday, that is on the 3rd of June night I happened to see its focus programme. One of its guests Advocate Jayasankar called the esteemed social critique Mr. Sukumar Azhikode "embokki". The presenter should have appologised to the viewers. Instead of appologising he just mentioned an objectionable term was used the advocate! It exposed the rogue nature of the news medium.

Rabia said...

Asianet News occasionally behaves as not only a yellow medium but also a rogue channel. Recently I happened to view its "focus". One of its guest Advocate Jayasankar called Mr. Sukumar Azhikode "embokki". In the very same evening I sent an email letter to its openhouse programme which is only a farce. There is no short way out to resist this media terrorism. The society should develop a critical mind set. I wish all success to COMMONSENSE in this esteemed effort.

muhammed said...

I am against Mr. Madani because he propagated Islamic extremism at the time of demolition of Babri Masjid. Eventhough he stopped such fiery speeches after he languished in prison for 10 years, his speeches at the time of demolition had done much harm to the Mulim community of Kerala. So, I don'nt mind if Madani is criticised.
But why did media attack Ms.Soofiya Madani? She is not involved in these things. So I agree with you that the some like Asianet had some hidden agenda of helping the RSS the Hindutwa Fascists.

mashood said...

" Was it to help the pro-American United Democratic Front in the Parliament election? "

--- >
I am rolling on the floor laughing hearing such statements ..
Sorry if it hurt u..
But " thenga veenu oral chathalum americane kuttam parayuna ee reethi anu adhyam maarendath "..
Paavam america.. America is better dan several other ppl :)
And i hate all the hate propaganda.. Be it against any1..
Be it RSS hate propaganda against muslims , Muslims agaisnt RSS.. Muslims against Jews anything..
No1 should be hated.. Madani is advocate of 1 such hate propaganda.. So i dont agree with madani..

mashood said...

Btw i like reading your blogs... :)

Dr. N.M.Mohammed Ali said...

തേങ്ങ വീണു ചത്താലും അമേരിക്കക്കാരനെ കുറ്റം പറയുന്നതു എന്ന പരിഹാസം തരം താണതാണ്‌. ഞാന്‍ മഅദനിയെക്കുറിചല്ല പറഞ്ഞത്. സൂഫിയ മഅദനിയെ മാദ്ധ്യമങ്ങള്‍ ആക്രമിച്ചതിനെ കുറിച്ചാണ് പറഞ്ഞത്.

A Stoic said...

Moslems of Kerala go terrorist not because they believe in it. They do so because of the money involved. Mainstream politicians of all hues also help terrorist elements only after receiving hefty bribes. The less said about the Police, the better.

Mallus are great hypocrites and always accept anything 'foreign' unashamedly. The latest is terrorism. Terrorists have less to fear in Kerala because money works things in Kerala every time.

A Stoic said...

As for the 'embokki' word, I might refer you folks to the 400 page book 'Azheekkod; Pranayavum Kaapatyavum' published by Media Books, Kozhikode. This Adv. Jayasankar has written its Foreword.

Anonymous said...

Its a a days we can see lots of haters against a prtclr religion in kerala..its all happng by the media's false propaganda...i fear the scenario in west is coming to our (gods own country):-P ...ppl r so excited to hear & watch dat types of rubbish news made by some falsify usraezio medias :-D