Sunday, April 19, 2009


In a comment to one of my previous posts the question how Maudoodism can be equated with fascism was raised. Fascism is distinguished from the broader category of extreme right-wing politics by its willingness to defy public civility and openly violate the law. As such it represents a radical departure from the tradition of ultra-conservatism. The latter aims to preserve established social relations, through enforcement of law and reinforcement of authority. But the fascist organizations of Mussolini and Hitler, in their conquests of power, showed no reluctance to rupture peace and repudiate parliamentary and other institutions; the fascists employed terror against both the existing political structure and society at large. It is a common misconception of political science to believe that Italian fascists and Nazis sought maintenance of order, to protect the ruling classes. Both Mussolini and Hitler agitated against "the system" governing their countries. Their willingness to resort to street violence, assassinations, and coups set the Italian and German fascists apart from ordinary defenders of ruling elites, which they sought to replace. This is an important point that should never be forgotten. Fascism is not merely a harsh dictatorship or oppression by privilege. The Islamism or Political Islam cannot be as such branded as fascism as the former president of the USA George W Bush had done. Some Islamic organisations have evolved the concept of the Islamic State which corresponds to the Clerical Fascism.
The Clerical fascism is an ideological construct that combines the political and economic doctrines of fascism with theology or religious tradition. The term has been used to describe organisations and movements that combine religious elements with fascism, support by religious organisations for fascism, or fascist regimes in which clergy play a leading role. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a fascist regime, to be specific clerical fascist regime. The classification of clerical fascism is rejected by some scholars. For Catholic clerical fascism, the term Catholic integralism is sometimes used, although it may have points of disagreement with fascism.
The term Islamofacism is used to denote the association of the ideological or operational characteristics of certain Islamist movements with European fascist movements of the early 20th century. But the term Islamofascims is misleading because the religion of Islam on whole is sometimes denigrated as Islamofascim. Islam has a past wherein it fought against the European colonialism under the leadership of Sayyid Jamaluddhin Afghani(1838-1897), Muhammad Abdu (1849 -1905)and Muhammad Rashid Rida(1865 -1935). Rashid Rida even advocated co-ordinated action against imperialism with the Bolshevism, that is Russian Communism.(see Socialism, Bolshevism and Religion By Muhammad Rashid Rida reference/ bolshevismAndReligion.htm) Radical Islmists Hasan al-Banna of Egypt and Maulana Abul A'la Maudoodi of India advocated anti socialism and anticommunism on the ground of atheism. They decreed that Jihad is incumbent on every Mulim in the world. Maudoodi's political concept is Hukm-e Ilah, that is the rule of God. In the name of Allah the Ulama will rule the Nation by authoritarianism. That is what exactly happening in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Afghanistan under Taliban was also a fascist regime. Now Pakistan Government has given permission to the Pakistani Taliban to rule the Swat valley by Islamic laws and they are presenting the world the samples of Maudoodi's Hukm-e Ilah. That is why I am of opinion that Maudoodism is fascism.


കാലം said...

Joseph Stalin killed and tortured crores of people in Soviet Union trying to implement Marxism.

I don't know whether any 'ism' is exist in the name Moudoodi, like Marxism, Facism or Nazism

But, can you explain what kind ism it was that Mr.Stalin tried to implement?

ea jabbar said...

ജമാ അത്തെ ഇസ്ലാമി യുടെ കപടമുഖങ്ങള്‍ 1

ea jabbar said...

ജമാ അത്തെ ഇസ്ലാമി യുടെ കപടമുഖങ്ങള്‍2

ea jabbar said...

ജമാ അത്തെ ഇസ്ലാമി യുടെ കപടമുഖങ്ങള്3‍ജമാ അത്തെ ഇസ്ലാമി യുടെ കപടമുഖങ്ങള്‍4ജമാ അത്തെ ഇസ്ലാമി യുടെ കപടമുഖങ്ങള്‍5

ea jabbar said...

ബംഗ്ലാദേശ് ജമാ അത്തിന്റെ വിശേഷങ്ങള്‍ അറിയണോ?

Muhammed Ismail said...

In fact the concept of Jihad and the political construct of Islamic State propagated by Maudoodi and Hasan al_-Banna and their followers is the ideological basis of the terrorist organisations like al-qaeda, jaesh-e Muhammad etc. and the extreme conservative religio-political organisations like Taliban. The organisation founded by Maudoodi, the Jama'at-e Islami never condemned the terrorist attacks by the organisations mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

Psychoanalysis of Freud is not science. It was taken word t word form Kabbalah. Bolshevism as well can be traced back to Talmud and Kabbalah. ILLUMINATI and TERRORISM by David Livingstone is a good book.
And Zionism is Big Business.

Tariq Haashmi said...

I wonder if you could please describe the actions of the Prophets as mentioned in the Bible and the Qur'an against the non-believers in terms of "isms".
Looking forward to your new article.

Anonymous said...

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