Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Jihadist variety of Islamism is ugly because it sees the world in a dichotomised way as "Darul Islam" (House of Islam) and "Darul Kufar or Darul Harb" (House of unbelievers or house of war) and call for jihad (war) against the Darul Kufar. In Maulana Abul A'la Maududi's opinion all the objects in the universe are Islam. The meaning of the word Islam is "surrendered" (to the Almighty Allah). There are a few human beings who have not yet surrendered. Hence the duty of the Surrendered (Muslims) to make those who remain unsurrendered surrendered through war (jihad). The ugly Islamist organisations fight in various ways to make the Kafirs (unbelievers = unsurrendered) surrendered. The Islamist organisation named National Democratic Front (NDF)was working in Kerala under Maududi's premise and indulged in crimes against humanity such as executions, outcasting etc. Recently it was caught up red handed for recruiting young men for jihad in Kashmir. The secretive recruitment were exposed through the statements of some who were caught alive. When faced with a ban from the government they changed their name from National Democratic Front to Popular Front of India (PFI). They are adopting beautiful names on earth for their ugly organisation. The end result will be that in the commonsense of innocent common man the beautiful terms such as national, front, democratic, popular et cetra will be linked to ugly acts of the Jihadist brand of Islmism.

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