Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A Case of Terrorism by news media
Today I saw an interview in the TV channel Kairali/People with Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani. She is the wife of Mr. Ma'dani who was jailed for 10 years as an undertrial for the alleged involvement in the bomb explosion aimed to assassinate the then Deputy Prime Minister and the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) man Mr. L.K.Advani. The court let Mr. Ma'dany free as there was no evidence against him. For ten long years he was jailed without parole or bail. On his release after the court of law found him innocent, Mr. Ma'dany publicly declared that in the past he was wrong in doing inciting speeches while protesting against the demolition of the sixteenth century mosque, Babri Masjid, by the RSS. He also publicly declared that he would not do such inciting speeches in future.
Mr. Ma'dani declared that his party, that is, People's Democratic Party would support the Left Democratic Front in the forthcoming parliamentary election. From that moment the news channel owned by Mr. Rupert Murdoch started demonizing Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani by presenting concocted materials in the news footage to establish that Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani is involved in terrorist activities. One such material presented by the news channel as its exclusive item was the statement of a witness in a terrorism case charged by the police some time back. The police discarded that statement by the witness on the ground that it had no basis. The news channel presented this irrelevant material in such a way that the police was protecting Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani because her husband was supporting the Left Front, which is now in power in the state. After the Murdoch channel presented this item some other electronic and print media joint the bandwagon. The media were obviously supporting the United Democratic Front which is pro-US and pro-Israel in the foreign policy matters. But Murdoch channel was pretending to be neutral. When it became evident that Mr. Ma'dani's support would rout out the pro-US United Democratic Front, the Murdoch channel starting maligning Ms. Soofiya Ma'dani who is a pious Muslim woman.
This is an example of media terrorism.


dr.(prof)p.k.pokker said...

Media is always pro-capitalist, pro-imperial and pro-zionism. The secularism and progressive
pretensions are just to cheat the readers. In Kerala media appear to be more radical and revolutionary because it is the easier way to deceive the pro-left people. Demonizing Madani or Mrs Madani is only an aspect of their pro right wing campaign. The media keep silence about the Israeli weapon deal. Why? How far the media can cheat people and produce consent to implement the imperialist agenda.

Meera said...

media is owned by billionaires who want to make money.For them media is another source of money making.For that they will go to any extent.Now everything is sponsored. sponsors are not interested in the issues related to marginalised.They r also birds of the same feather.The electronic media having control of left are also not an exception.they are also doing the same job..the media people can not do anything b'cause they are paid for the work and no control over the policy.if they file a story conflicting the interest of the owners,the story will be killed.In this case I may inform that Rupert Murdoch cannot own a news channel as per the existing law in India..own only entertaintment channel..best wishes for mammali blog

Peacemaker said...

It confirms that Dr Mohammed Ali is more of a politician than the initial impression as a rationalist.
In this present friendship between maadani and the kafir, the personality of the former overshadowed that of kafir and the overall result turned counter productive to the latter.

Chetan Ajith said...

The commenter appears to be an athiest who believes that he is a rationalist. Rigid and brittle athiesm is not rationalism. Rationalism is an attitude of mind. A rationalist keeps his mind open and he is always ready for dialogue.

Anonymous said...

At this point we cannot say, she is innocent. There could be cases where the intelligence force frame false cases against persons who stand against the power centeres, this does not appear so.
We have to have more information.We cannot suspect her as well.

Pious woman said...

Against imperialism Dr Ali's group
join hands with ultimate terror in the name God, the worst nightmare to the world. Kindly do not forward by email such blogs.