Tuesday, November 8, 2011


M.V. Jayarajan sentenced to six months jail

A division bench of Kerala High Court on Tuesday sentenced 
 CPI(M) leader M.V. Jayarajan to six months simple 
imprisonment in a contempt of court case. The bench 
comprising of Justices V. Ramkumar and P.Q. Barkath Ali 
also imposed a fine of Rs. 2,000 on Mr. Jayarajan.
The Court passed the verdict in a contempt of court case 
which was suo moto initiated against Mr. Jayarajan for 
making remarks against High Court judges. He made the 
remarks in a speech delivered at a public meeting in Kannur, 
which was organised in the wake of the High Court banning 
roadside public meetings. The court also rejected his plea to 
stay the verdict. (COURTESY : THE HINDU)
Denial of his plea to stay the verdict to go for appeal against the verdict and first wording “rigorous imprisonment” proves the verdict a vengeful one. The denial of plea to stay is denial of natural justice. There is no provision in law to give rigorous imprisonment for the contempt of court. When this was pointed out to the Judges the word “rigorous” was removed from the judgment! These acts proves beyond doubt that the judges were misguided by emotion of vengeance. 

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